New Start in 2020: Modern World Yachting

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Welcome Everyone! First of all, we are proud to welcome you to our new company “Modern World Yachting”, we invite you to read all about our new company and introduce you to our website.

New Start in 2020: Modern World Yachting

#Who are we?

As this is the first post on this new website, I would quickly like to introduce myself and the website to you. My name is Marcel Wortelboer, former co-owner and sales director of an internationally oriented company.

For over 25 years I have been working as the sales manager of the family business with my focus on the maritime industry. Working together with the most significant shipbuilders and visiting all major yachting events around the globe has given me the finest feeling for the market possible. After a mutual decision last year (2019), myself and the family business decided to split ways and continue on our ways or in my case start something new. From today onwards I will be leading Modern World Yachting as the Owner and Managing Director. I am working towards building up brand new partnerships and with that helping anyone with problems they may face regarding their Yachts.

Find out more about me and the team around me by clicking this link.

#What is Modern World Yachting?

As said before, Modern World Yachting was set-up after I split ways with my former company. Now Modern World Yachtings aims to provide manufactures, shipbuilders, owners and others with the experience I gained for over 25 years. Therefore matching my contacts with new contacts to establish new partnerships and an even better outlook for the future. We have split Modern World Yachting up into three separate but co-working sections. These sections will be discussed below. 


First of all, we have the equipment section. This section is based on providing you with the equipment that we represent. We are continuously looking for new equipment that we can represent. We aim to provide you with the highest quality equipment possible. Furthermore, we strive to have all our equipment green-labelled meaning that all equipment is manufactured and supplied in the most energy-efficient way possible. Find our equipment page in this link.


Secondly, we have the agency section. The agency section works in great detail together with the equipment section. We will represent your products in our well-known Dutch Yachting market. By getting to know your products and your company we will analyse the market and find out the best way to represent your products. Our experience in the Dutch Yachting market gives us the best possible start to represent your products. See what we offer you by following this link.


Last but not least, we have the consultancy section. Marketing and sales of (new) products are somethings we have an eye for. For over 25 years we have been in the marketing and sales industry. This experience will help us determine the best planning and strategy for your products and company in the Dutch Yachting market. We strive to share our knowledge and strengths to better your sales and marketing. Find out more about consultancy on this link.

In the upcoming posts, we will be keeping you up-to-date about the projects that we take on, the clients that we meet and about the progress we make as a company. New posts will be available roughly every 3-4 weeks to keep you posted on our clients’ projects and products. Besides following our posts you are always free to contact with any questions regarding our projects, products or clients. 

All our posts can be found on this link

Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below this post. How do you feel about this website and the moves that we have made? Besides being able to comment you can always call or email us. Feel free to head over to this page


Thank you for reading this very first post about the New Start in 2020: Modern World Yachting. We are very excited about the times ahead and are looking forward to spreading our experience. 

Marcel Wortelboer – Founder and Managing Director of Modern World Yachting

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