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Propulsion and Stabilization


Stabilis Electra™ High Speed (HS) is designed for planing and semi-displacement hulls. HS ranges from 20m (65 ft) up to over 50m (164 ft). 

The Long Range (LR) Stabilis Electra™ series is designed for displacement hulls with fins up to 4,5 square meter. 

The fast reaction time and smooth operation of the Stabilis Electra’s manages to not only reduce roll but also minimizes acceleration. Besides that, the wide range of options makes it possible to be tailored to the yacht’s needs.

The Stabilis Electra is fully electric and only uses power when required. With no oil or filters needed there is no risk of polluting the sea or need for removal of hazardous waste.


Dualis Electra™ contains a large range of high-performance electrical thrusters. Designed with a high thrust to power ratio and maximum reliability and durability the Dualis Electra is one of the best available. 

Able for implementation in yachts from 18 meters (59ft) onwards.


Directa is the world’s first fully electric steering system. The steering system is available for superyachts from 22m (72 ft) up to 80m (262 ft). Able to be certified with CE, RINA and ABS.

Directa can be integrated with any other product from CMC Marine. 


The fully electric intruders are the perfect complements to the Stabilis Electra™. They require limited power to quickly control pitch and roll making them a ideal complement

Combined with other CMC Marine products makes it the perfect electrical system to achieve yacht control.

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