Modern World Yachting Equipment

CMC Marine

Propulsion and Stabilization

Stabilizers, Thrusters, Steering and Intruders. Find out more!

EPE Yachting

Water Ballast Treatment

Safeguard the environment with the water (ballast) treatment options of EPE Yachting. Find out what the options are!


Bollards and Fairleads manufactured to your specifications. Find out what we offer!


Shaft seals

The Supreme Athmos® sealing guarantees zero emissions of oil  and adheres to the VGP/VIDA regulations.

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Here at Modern World Yachting it is our mission to offer our clients high-class and green-labelled equipment with a service to be proud of.

Our goal is to work hard into growing our brand and expanding our service into the international Yachting market. 

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