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We guarantee all the bollards are manufactured according to the highest standards. All bollards are manufactured from either Stainless Steel 316L or Duplex. Glass-beaten, 400-micron ground and R8-mirror polished are the three execution possibilities for the bollards.

Your specification will determine the dimensions and shape of the bollards!


As for the bollards, we also guarantee that the fairleads are manufactured at the highest standards. Stainless Steel 316L or Duplex are the two choices for the manufacturing of the fairleads. Our fairleads are finished in either; Glass-beaten, 400-micron ground or R8-mirror polish.

All fairleads are manufactured to your specifications!

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Here at Modern World Yachting it is our mission to offer our clients high-class and green-labelled equipment with a service to be proud of.

Our goal is to work hard into growing our brand and expanding our service into the international Yachting market. 

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