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Supreme Athmos

The Supreme Athmos is designed for ships, such as larger yachts, cruise ships and ferries, with a shallow draught up to 5 meters. The Supreme Athmos is a durable and self-regulation sealing solution with zero emissions of oil!

The VGP/VIDA regulations are one of the main reasons to choose the Supreme Athmos when refitting your vessel. With the use of the Supreme Athmos, you avoid having to use expensive bio-oils and can sail the American waters with just mineral oils!

The 24/7 automatic monitoring of the Supreme Athmos makes sure you don’t pollute the environment!

The Supreme Athmos is available for shaft diameters from 116 to 1150 millimetres.


For extra safety, you can combine the Supreme Athmos with the Supreme SeaGuard (SGA). The extra oil-repellent lip seal can be activated in the event of excessive oil leakage. In this way, an unnecessary dry dock can be prevented and maintenance can be postponed safely.

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