Modern World Yachting Consultancy

Our Approach

Modern World Consultancy will help you with your marketing and sales plans for your products. From ropes to kitchen knives and from interior design art up to special anti-fouling foil. We serve anyone, from equipment manufacturers to new product developers.

We divide our time up into four categories to be able to help you in your marketing and sales strategies.

1. Connecting
Find out what your plans and products are and define the criteria.

2. Market Research
Analyse the market and determine if your goals can be reached.

3. Planning and Strategy
Projection of the time planning and strategy, which we should follow in other to be successful.

4. Executing
Execute the strategy in the market.

Connect with the client
Market Research
Planning and Strategy
Execute the strategy

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We Offer

  • Extensive marketing and sales knowledge
  • 25 years of experience in the yachting industry
  • Straightforward communication

It is up to you to decide how you would like to use our marketing and sales knowledge for your products. We are flexible but straight forward. 

Contact us to discuss your thoughts and we are sure we will find the best marketing or sales approach for your company/product.

Ship helm made out of wood with sunsetting on the background.

Here at Modern World Yachting it is our mission to offer our clients high-class and green-labelled equipment with a service to be proud of.

Our goal is to work hard into growing our brand and expanding our service into the international Yachting market. 

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