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Water Ballast Treatment

Sustainability as a priority

Ballast Water Treatment


With the smallest size, oneTANK is the best solution when space and available power are extremely limited. It is suitable for vessels, not highly depended on ballasting operations with one or few tanks.

Operational Limitations:

  • Salinity: Not Applicable
  • Water Temperature: Not Applicable
  • Hold Time: >24 Hours
  • Min. Average Total Residual Oxidant (TRO): 5 mg/L Min.
  • Concentration-Time (CT): 120 mg-hr/L

oneTANK has minimized footprint, weight and installation materials, leading into a timely retrofitting on board without any specialized workmanship requirement. Perfect match for newbuilding or existing vessels.

Systems are off-the-shelf while maintenance is simplified as no filter, complex UV lamps, electrolytic reactors or transformer rectifiers are incorporated.


ERMA FIRST FIT BTWS incorporates the most reliable and efficient filtration followed by a state-of-the-art disinfection stage. Filtration takes place in either 40 microns automatic backwashing filters. The disinfection stage takes place in our own-design, highly customised electrodes, providing the appropriate amount of disinfectant agent by using minimum power and ensuring compliance. A special coating is applied on the electrodes, which are designed to minimize the production of harmful byproducts and have an extended life time of minimum 5000-6000 hrs.


  • Simple and flexible
  • Suitable for all pump capacities
  • Suitable for all available spaces
  • Low pressure drop (0,5 bar)
  • Suitable for fresh water (0,9 PSU salinity) & low temperature waters (-2°C)
  • Low power consumption in various waters (1,8 kW/100 m^3 at 30 PSU)

Bilge Water Treatment

Bilge Oil Water Separator


POSEIDON FIT Bilge Oil Water Separator consists of two stages; the coalescer and the emulsion breaking unit. In first stagethe oil separation is carried out inside the bigger cylinder via a combined gravity separation and coalescence process. The second stage is used only when the oil detection monitor detects the effluent of the coalescer oil content is higher than 4/14ppm. The emulsion breaking unit then begins its operation.

POSEIDON FIT’s AI features offer an enhanced level of control over unauthorised or accidental discharges of untreated bilge water, with the use of data recording software that continuously monitors all vital information. Gathered data such as overboard flow, oil content, vessel position and current time, are securely stored and easily accessible by the owner, the crew or the port authorities during inspection. The OWS status and operation are evaluated in real time, with alarms and notifications thus preventing illicit discharges.

Product ranging from 0,25 mˆ3/h to 10,9 mˆ3/h

Oily Water Separators


Emulsion Splitting and Filtration Unit


The OWS-COM system uses a combination of highly effective open porous coalescer with automatic backflushing, together with a second stage emulsion breaking oil and hydrocarbon polisher.

The periodical backflushing keeps the coalescer surface clean and offers long lasting operation according to IMO MEPC.107(49)

The SFU type is able to pre-treat difficult bilge waters and therefore to reduce the costs of operation significantly. A fully automatic three-stage process is used, consisting of the addition of a special splitting agent, slow oil separation from the water and a filtration unit to remove all particles. Operators can also switch off the oily water separator and use the SFU system as a standalone filtration unit.

Advanced Bilge Water Monitoring


Bilge Water Monitoring System


This compact system can be installed as add on to other systems for data storage, evaluation, visualisation and data logging. By using the data of any satellite navigation system, information is provided with a position and time stamp. LINK displays a wide range of information on a clear 15.6” touch screen, i.e. detailed alarm lists, separated operation data for each connected system and graph visualisation with adjustable ranges and time selection. Using the ships’ GPS data LINK visualizes the ship’s position on a detailed map. Zoom functionality, recording and displaying of tracks are available as well as selected operation data for each way point.

The clean bilge monitoring system CBM+ is designed to monitor and control liquid discharges overboard your vessel in respect of its oil content. The system prevents the discharge of non-compliant oily water mixtures by automatically recirculating the liquid to the bilge water tank if the oil content is above a predetermined limit. This compact system can be installed as a last monitoring and control device in the outlet pipe prior to the overboard discharge valve for safety purposes. Although designed with bilge water in mind other discharges like clean drains e.g. condensate from air conditioners can be monitored as well. The system independently monitors whether the maximum oil content is reached depending on the selected set-point of 5 or 15 ppm. Lower set-points can also be chosen on site.

Sewage Treatment

Superyacht Sewage Treatment

TRITON FIT is a physiochemical sewage treatment plant that fully complies with the requirements of IMO/MEPC.227(64). The accessibility from one side allows ship designers to plan space in the engine room on a whole new level. Both its very compact size and extended treatment capacities make TRITON FIT ideal for modern Superyachts that accommodate up to 30 people on board.

Triton Fit by EPE Yachting

Electrochemical Sewage Treatment Plant


Biological Sewage Treatment


TRITON EC is a purely electrochemical wastewater treatment plant. It is a completely chemical-free sewage treatment plant meeting the requirements of MEPC 227 (64) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). TRITON EC is also available in modules, which makes the system ideal for retrofit projects where openings of doors and haches are limited. Our technical team can support any type of installation, finding the best technically and economically available solutions.

CleanSewage-BIO is a compact, type approved marine Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for cargo vessels. With an incorporated Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR), the CS-BIO requires minimal process volume, still meeting the IMO MEPC.227(64) discharge criteria. CS-BIO is designed for easy maintenance and operation. With the intuitive status control, operators can check at a glance, whether the system is running smoothly or intervention is necessary. The hygienic no-touch-cleaning system for sludge discharge makes maintenance nearly effortless.

Contact Modern World Yachting Equipment at: equipment@mwyachting.nl

Fresh Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Desalination

ALIOS is a reverse osmosis system, able to produce reliable fresh water from the desalination of seawater. ALIOS is designed for all sizes of modern Superyachts, while maintaining a very compact size, making it ideal for both retrofits and new builds. It is manufactured with top quality materials that ensure maximum efficiency through its life, while the automated backflushing with fresh water prolongs the life of the membranes makes certain that the produced fresh water will be rid of unwanted substances.

ALIOS by EPE Yachting

Integrated Treatment System

Hydrasil Ag+

Marine Silver/Copper Sterilizer


Taking advantage of Hydrasil, a hydrogen peroxide solution that is also silver stabilized, this dosing system is the perfect sterilizer for smaller yachts. Its microprocessor-controlled pump and pulse emitting flow meter ensure optimum chemical dosage, and it is designed to fit even in the tightest spaces.

Bifipro utilizes a silver and copper ionization method, eliminating bacteria and biofilms from Superyachts’ entire Freshwater System. It is MLC compliant and can be designed to treat any volumes of freshwater, thus making it ideal for yachts with a length of more than 40 meters.

Water Softener

Octo Compact

Drinking Water Treatment System

Slim Line

The Octo Compact is a fully volumetric softener, turning “hard” water into “soft”, by lowering the levels of calcium and magnesium. Easily adjustable based on water hardness, simple to use and easy to install, Octo Compact is the biggest selling water softener in the marine industry.

The Slimline 5 Stage Drinking Water System is designed to produce high quality drinking water by the means of filtration, mineralization, and sterilization, able to completely replace bottled water, thus building autonomy on potable water. Its very small footprint (W380mm X D80mm X H350mm) and its easy installation make the Slimline the best option for treating water on the spot.

Sparkling and Ambient Drinking Water

M70 Soda

Freshwater Testing

Testing Instruments

Designed to fit neatly under the counter, the M70 Soda offers unlimited Chilled and Sparkling water on the tap, eradicating the need for plastic bottles. Utilizing an ice bank, it provides cold and cold sparkling water through an ergonomically designed electronic faucet. With its small footprint (W280mm X D453mm X H420) and stainless-steel materials, M70 Soda is the ideal solution for Superyachts.  

We offer a wide range of freshwater testing equipment, able to perform either simple weekly checks for quality, or more advanced bacterial testing.

Elimination of Harmful Air Emissions

Black Smoke & Odor Eliminator

Soot Elimination System

The exhaust gasfitration system with DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) substrate core, is designed to reduce soot emissions, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from diesel engines.

Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon reductions are achieved through the interaction of exhaust gas with the DOC deposited on the ceramic surface. As the exhaust emissions come in contact with the oxidizing catalyst, the exothermal oxidation reaction promotes the combustion activity in the DPF by oxidizing the toxic gases and soot into harmless gases, ash and water vapour without the need for any additional heat source.

On-site Chlorine Generator

Elevating Environmental Engineering

POWERKLOR on-site sodium hypochlorite generators are designed for the in-situ production of a chlorine-based solution through the electrolysis of brine (or salt water solution), providing a safe, economical and effective disinfection of everyday surfaces.

A mixture of water and salt passes through the electrolytic cell where electrolysis takes place by the application of an electrical current. Sodium hypochlorite solution is produced on demand covering the exact needs of the end user. The lower grade sodium hypochlorite solution results in a slower rate of degradation than commercial grade hypochlorite. The system is also complemented with excess product storage. This ensures that sodium hypochlorite is always available to the end user, while eliminating the storage and handling of hazardous bulk chemicals.

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