New Products (Bollards and Fairleads)

Line of polished bollards displayed from the front

Today we are happy to announce our second line of new products at Modern World Yachting!

New Products (Bollards and Fairleads)

Our first line of products focused on stabilization and steering/thruster equipment for the yachts. This new line of products is typically used for mooring/towing application on yachts. With this new addition to the equipment division of Modern World Yachting, we are taking the next step to offer our clients stainless steel high-class products.

#New Products

Modern World Yachting is announcing two new products namely; Bollards and Fairleads. Aforementioned products can be found by following this link. In the text below the new products will be briefly highlighted. Find out more by sending us an email or calling us.

BollardsNew products Wortelboer Yachting. Two bollards finished with a sublime yachting mirror polish.

All bollards are manufactured according to the highest standards in the market. They are manufactured using either Stainless Steel 316L or Duplex. The bollards can be finished in three executions; Glass-beaten, 400 microns ground and R8-mirror polished. All three executions are performed at the highest standard.

The dimensions and shape can be manufactured to your specifications.


FairleadsNew products Wortelboer Yachting. Fairlead finished with a sublime yachting mirror polish.

The same goes for the fairleads as for the bollards. They are manufactured at the highest market standard and can either be manufactured out of Stainless Steel 316L or Duplex. The Fairleads can be finished in the same three executions as the bollards, namely; Glass-beaten, 400 microns ground and R8-mirror polished.

All fairleads are manufactured to your specifications!


If you are interested in finding out more about these new products make sure to send us an email or give us a call by following this link. Furthermore, if you have not yet read our introduction to Modern World Yachting you can find that here.

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Thank you for reading this second update on our line of products.

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