Lagersmit – New Partner and New Products

Lagersmit logo, represented by MW Yachting

Lagersmit joins our team!

New partner Lagersmit joins the team of Modern World Yachting with a new product that we will represent! We are thankful for their trust and happy to announce them as our second partner!

#New Partner Lagersmit

In this official announcement, we will introduce our new partner Lagersmit to you. Furthermore, we will highlight the product that we will represent together with Lagersmit.


Lagersmit logo, represented by MW Yachting

Lagersmit was founded in 1856 and have been focusing on sealing solution since the 1960s. To this day they have supplied over 50.000 seals to numerous markets such as ship owners, shipyards, refineries and power plants. After having been acquired by Royal IHC in the 1980s, Lagersmit became independent again in 2014 and has since been so. Lagersmit has built up a valuable customers relationship within a lot of different markets. This makes Lagersmit one of the best in its department.

#New Equipment

Modern World Yachting together with Lagersmit will announce the cooperation of one of the products of Lagersmit. As MW Yachting, we will represent the Supreme Athmos of Lagersmit. The Supreme Athmos can be found following this link. In the text below the Supreme Athmos will be briefly described. In this, you will find the specifications of the products and the range of available products. Furthermore, we will enlighten you with a few strong points of these products. Besides this, you can download the brochure found on this link. Find out more by sending us an email or calling us.

Supreme Athmos

Supreme Athmos sealing by Lagersmit, represented by MW Yachting

The Supreme Athmos is a targeted design for ships with a shallow draught up to 5 metres such as larger yachts, cruise ships and ferries. The durable and self-regulating sealing solution guarantees zero emissions of oil and therefore delivers you optimal Peace of Mind. The Supreme Athmos is available for shaft diameters from 116 to 1150 millimetres.

How does it work

Due to the extra air barrier between the oil- and water-repellent lip seals, any leakage is immediately transported to the transparent drain tank. A periodically generated vacuum ensures that the drain channel remains clean. The ACU monitors the condition of the aft seal (SAA) and lets you know the status of the seal at any time. In this way, you immediately know when the drain tank needs to be emptied and maintenance is required. You can watch a simulation of the Supreme Athmos by following this link.

A popular choice for Retrofit

The Supreme Athmos is the most popular choice for larger yachts, cruise ships and ferries. The VGP/VIDA regulations are the main reason for shipping companies to retrofit their seal with a Supreme Athmos. You avoid the use of expensive bio-oils. Meaning that you can continue to sail in American waters with mineral oils. You will pollute the environment with oil if you don’t have a sealing solution that ensures zero emissions of oil.

The Supreme Athmos complies with the VGP and VIDA regulations because the oil and water-repellent lip seals are separated by a constant airflow.

Additional Safety

For extra safety, you can combine the Supreme Athmos with the Supreme SeaGuard (SGA). The extra oil-repellent lip seal can be activated in the event of excessive oil leakage. In this way, an unnecessary dry dock can be prevented and maintenance can be postponed safely.


If you are interested in finding out more about this new product make sure to send us an email or give us a call by following this link. If you have not yet read our first announcement welcoming you to Modern World Yachting, you can find the link to the post here.


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